The Starting Point of Astrology

Arundhati-Astrology-EquinoxAstrology begins with houses, and there are not one or two, each one of us has 12 houses.

Our chart is exactly like a small representation of the Universe around our planet. It has 360 degrees. Each house is 30 degrees. (360 degrees/12 houses = 30 degrees for each house)

The natural yearly zodiac starts from Aries and ends in Pisces. These come as months to us. Now, you shall ask: is January then equivalent to Aries. No! The calendars followed in ancient times started from the Spring Equinox. In many parts of the world that is still the norm.


The answer is very simple, Spring brings in new leaves, flowers, new grains, fruits, and love. It is the season of renewal. The Sun moves to the zodiac Aries at around 15th April of our

Gregorian calendar and with it starts the month of Vaishakh, the summers.

Sun is at its glorious height during summers and none of us can deny that. Yet, the sun in Vaisakh does not scorch like the one in May. Hence Sun is exalted in Aries. Why is this?

Sun was in its equinox position during Vasanta -Spring. It slowly starts moving to its Summer solstice position and that happens at the same time every year ( a day or two here and there). It is on 15th of April. The Northern Hemisphere tilts towards the Sun getting brighter rays and hence making the Sun brighter and making that position when it is still benign and becoming strong as its position of exaltation: Sun in ARIES.

Sun represents our soul. The yearly zodiac follows the Sun’s journey through the various signs.

This is the starting point of astrology.

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