What indicates wealth in our chart?

What indicates wealth in birth chart?

What indicates wealth in birth chart?

Combination of 2nd house and 11th house or 2nd lord and 11th lord

According to Sage Parashara, 2nd and 11th house are the houses of wealth. Hence, any combination or exchange of the lord of second in 11th or lord of 11th in the second leads to immense wealth. However, if the 2nd and 11th lord, are inimical to each other, the Dhana Yoga will also cause trouble either with friends, older siblings, or family members. 2nd lord in the 11th house and 11th lord in 2nd house is a powerful Dhana Yoga or 11th lord in the 2nd along with 2nd lord.

Combination of 2nd house and 5th house or 2nd lord and 5th lord

5th house is the house of Purva Punya and a Laxmisthana. So if there is an exchange between 2nd lord and 5th lord or 5th lord is in the 2nd house along with the 2nd lord or 2nd lord is in the 5th along with the 5th lord it indicates a powerful Dhana Yoga. Again the lords of 5th and 2nd should remain strong in the exchange to give an all-round auspicious result. The Dhana Yoga will come to pass, but it might come with a tale of trouble.

Combination of 2nd house and 9th house or 2nd lord and 9th lord

9th house is another Laxmisthana along with the 5th and 1st house. It is also the house of luck. Hence, it is said wherever the 9th lord sits, it brings luck to that house. Hence, 9th lord in 2nd would mean luck in wealth, speech, and extended family.

Combination of 11th house and 9th house or 11th lord and 9th lord

Similarly the lord of house of gains (11th) and the lord of house of luck when they are sitting in 9th or 11th or there is an exchange will resilt in a powrful Dhana Yoga. 

Combination of 5th house and 9th house or 5th lord and 9th lord

Both 5th and 9th are Laxmisthanas also indicate wealth from creativity, Santana or offspring, or speculation. It could also mean luck from off spring, speculation, or creativity. Santana  and or Bhagya are two forms of Ashtalaxmi. For Ashtalaxmi refer to the blog on Ashtalaxmi.

Combination of Moon and Jupiter

There are many combinations of Dhana Yoga. When two super benefics, Moon and Jupiter, come together it results in the auspicious Gaja Kesari Yoga. Moon is our mind and Jupiter is Guru’s Grace. There are stories in Puaranas that state a Spiritual Guru in our life can take away our Sanchita and Agama Karma and through his/her Grace we can every possible wealth. For this  Jupiter has to be in 1, 4, 7, 10 houses from Moon. This Yoga gives power and wealth signified by the name Gaja (elephant, owned by kings, and also signifies strength) and Kesari(Lion, signifying valour another form of wealth. Lion is the king of beasts, so it signifies a regal status). However, both Moon and Jupiter should be in strength and neither should get debilitated in Navamsa. If both have good Ashtakavarga points, as well, it makes the person calm, wise, and happy. That too is a wealth. Uparati – contentment, is a shadsampatti.

Now, wealth is usually associated with money, but wealth is of eight types, look up our blog on the eight types of wealth.