Which areas are we fortunate in our life?






Usually, many books on Astrology indicate the use of Hora to study wealth or fortune (to know the various forms of fortune see the blog on Ashtalaxmi). According to Sage Parashara some of the rules regarding Hora are:

  1. The Hora of the Moon at the time of birth is a good indication of fortune. If there are benefics in Hora Lagna then the native will be handsome, attractive, popular amongst the opposite sex. They will also be fortunate, wise, and a good conversationalist. For the Hora of the Moon, having an even sign in the Ascendant will make the native fortunate, acquire wealth and money with less effort. All the water and earth signs are even signs.
  2. If the native has the Hora of Sun when he was born then the native makes wealth with his own effort. In this case, the ascendant should be odd — that is should be a fire or air sign— and it would be even better if there are male planets like Sun, Mars, or Jupiter is placed in the ascendant. In that case, the native will be surprisingly wealthy through diligence and self-effort. The native gets success and triumph in politics, they are ready to take up any new ventures, courageous, strong, and wrathful.

The exception here is Jupiter. Jupiter makes the native benevolent and kind-hearted in the Hora of Moon, but causes diseases of the liver and upper abdomen when placed in the Hora of Sun.





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