Why Astrology?

Astrology is like a report of our soul, quite like an X-Ray for our bones. The whole purpose of astrology is to see why we chose to come to earth taking a 3-dimensional human body.

It shows us how in our infinitesimally small way we connect to this Infinite Universe. The Universe consists of many such very small parts that include every possible thing from sand particles, birds, trees, planets, stars, quarks, gamma rays and the list goes on.

Individually we are insignificant but as part of the whole, we create a gestalt: the Universe. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The whole world is a family) is a reality; whether we practice it or not, we are always a part of it.

Our birth chart gives an indication of that very complex thing called “Karma”. The reason for our birth.

The root word of Karma is Kri in Sanskrit. The word Kriya also has the same root. Kriya is what we do actively. Kri is the starting point of all action.

Kriya gets completed while Karma is cyclical, it goes on and on- one leading to the other- like a chain. Karma starts when we think of taking an action continue if we take that action or do not take any and then moves on to a new Karma when we wallow in misery why we failed to take the action or feel glorious for our success.

This means the seeds of all our future “Kri’s” or actions are sown in the actions we take today. Whoever said in the Bible, “As you sow, so shall you reap” was describing Karma.

So is there no end to Karma? Yes, of course! Our chart shows what will make us drop Karma. We have to come out of the cycle. It is easier said than done though . Anything that makes us connect with the Infinite Universe, or makes us realise that we are part of the gestalt does the trick.

If we do what our soul came to do, we get immersed in our action and become the action – a part of something Infinite. Then the action becomes the Infinite and the cycle of Karma vanishes, it anyway was just a mind game. In short, Karma vanishes when the mind vanishes.

It does not mean one becomes a workaholic. No! It means doing the action as a habit, as a Dharma or duty, without using our mind.

Astrology tells through a planet the purpose of our soul’s journey. It is the most important planet in our chart: our Atmakaraka. Hence, Astrology is important because it has the secret of how we can get back our lost connection, with the Infinite Universe.

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