Why is Rahu and Ketu so important in Vedic Astrology?


In Vedic Astrology lot of importance is given to Rahu and Ketu, though they are an astronomical phenomenon and not physical planets.


It is because our consciousness or our mind is a wave function and the nearest celestial body to the earth is the Moon and the nearest Star is the Sun. All living beings are born on the Mother Earth and after our life span shall leave our physical body and our Earthly home. Hence, an interplay of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun in our minds and our consciousness play a significant role in the unfolding of our personality and our personal consciousness.

Why was Rahu Ketu so important to our ancestors?

Our ancestors considered the nodes of the moon, that is the shadow the Earth casts on the Moon or the one created by the Moon with the Sun as crossroads of interference of wave fields. It has a profound effect on anything on Earth and that includes our mind and hence our consciousness. Much of the interpretation in Vedic Astrology depends on the position of the North and South Nodes of the Moon or Rahu and Ketu.

Did the concept of Rahu and Ketu exist in ancient India?

A knowledge of Rahu and Ketu existed from ancient times, hence they could accurately forecast Eclipses.

How do Rahu and Ketu affect us?

Since both are caused by shadows they are also known as shadowy planets.  A shadow is the absence of light, hence both these planets create either illusion (in case of Rahu) or its opposite complete dispassion (that is Ket). Either one runs after desires indicated by the house where Rahu is sitting ( desires are all illusory in nature) or becomes so frustrated when they do not get fulfilled that they become completely detached from every desire (this is Ketu).

Why is Ketu called Mokshadayak?

Since freedom from desire is what is called liberation or Moksha, that is liberation from illusions, hence Ketu is called Mokshadayak.

Why is Rahu said to create illusions?

Rahu promises fame and its position in our chart indicates immense wealth and fame. Both are like a mirage.

In which area does Ketu create dispassion?

Ketu sitting right opposite to Rahu creates dispassion in all those things indicated by the house where it sits.

How is Rahu associated with psychology? How Rahu also ultima

Carl Jung, the psychologist, who has studied Vedic Astrology, gave a lot of importance to shadows in our psyche. Shadows are those areas in our life, which are like Avagunas in us. They are those aspects that make us uncomfortable. Aspects that we do not acknowledge. According to Jung, only when we acknowledge our shadows do we start our journey towards self-knowledge.

Jung also pointed out that we see our shadows in others in a magnified manner, it is these aspects we cannot accept, in them. Indirectly by not accepting them, we reject our own shadows. Rahu is an expert in showing our shadows.

Why is Rahu considered spiritual?

Both Rahu and Ketu are considered highly spiritual as well. Rahu makes us aware of our Avagunas an important step toward knowing our self. Self-knowledge is about accepting ourselves completely, both the good and the bad. Only when we can accept ourselves can we accept others as well. It will ultimately make us go beyond them. An essential step towards Self-knowledge.

Rahu as Atmakaraka

There is a lot of debate among various schools of Astrology over Rahu’s candidature as an Atmakaraka. Rahu is not an actual planet according to those who refuse to consider Rahu as an Atmakarka. The argument against this theory is that, Rahu is a phenomenon that makes us more self-aware leading to the growth of our consciousness. Hence, Rahu must be considered as an Atmakaraka though it is a stellar phenomenon and not an object.

Again from the point of view of Quantum Physics, everything is ultimately a wave function whether it is a phenomenon affecting our mind or an object we see. Seen from that point of view, everything is ultimately a phenomenon making Rahu a strong candidate as an Atmakaraka.

A few examples of Rahu as Atmakaraka

Those having Rahu as Atmakaraka learn some very hard lessons in this lifetime. However, it also leads the person to Self-knowledge. Ramakrishna Pramhamsadeva, Srila Prabhupada, and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had Rahu as their Atmakaraka.

The conclusion regarding Rahu as Atmakaraka

A planet that gives us knowledge of our own shadowy self is the right teacher who can help our inner light or Atma to shine through.