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is a motivational workshop to make people realise
their inner passion and come out of the blocks they create
for themselves in living their dream and becoming truly wealthy.

What were we born to do? How to dig that out from the remote corner of my heart? Because only when we live our passion do we feel truly alive. Passion is what we were born with, it makes us contented, it leads us to deep peace and rest.

It is our passion that can make us truly wealthy. We need to understand the meaning of wealth for that. Our minds create our current reality. How wealthy we feel is how wealthy we become.

This workshop does all that! It makes you get in touch with your inner passion. It makes you come alive. Only when we are fully alive, are we fully awake and at deep rest and peace.

The workshop gives a new meaning to your life!

Who should attend?

From a green horn to a CEO, we all have hidden facets in us that can be unearthed to unfurl new possibilities in us and create a richer life. A life lived with enthusiasm and passion. It is also leads to a healthier and longer life.

What is the ideal class size and the duration?

The ideal class size for the workshop is 15. There should be a minimum strength of 10 members to make it interesting and maximum 20 to give each member proper attention.

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